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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

energy at home. For more info about me check out the about page here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

To build windmills for homes you have two options:

The article below this review discusses the two in comparison. Whichever way you decide to go it’s always best to have all of the information in front of you in order to make the most informed decision.

Windmills For Homes Guide

Windmills for homes are becoming more popular as more and more people realise that electricity prices are only going one way at the moment, and that is upwards! By taking control and generating your own windmill power at home you can essentially break the financial shackles the power companies have over you. The purpose of this short post is to outline for you the options for getting windmills for homes.

Windmills For Homes Franchises

Basically,in terms of renewable energy windmills for homes, there are two roads you can go down.

The first way is the most convenient and also the most expensive and the seocnd way is conversely much cheaper but involving a more hands on approach. Let's start with the easy option which essentially involves paying someone else to put together and install your solar panels for you.

There are numerous green energy companies which offer this service and also enlist franchisees around the country to help expland their businesses even further. If you've been searching around you may have seen some of them. The major players in the US are Solaruniverse and GroOrganic.

Typically these companies target electricians and roofing contractors as these types of businesses can easily add these services on to their existing line of services. The problem with enlisting one of these companies to construct and install your home windmills is that the price you'll end up paying is over 10000% of the actual price you could pay using the other method.

Let me put it to you straight, basically if you use a wind power franchise you will pay over one thousand times more than you have to. If you are anything like me, you'll hate being duped like this.

DIY Windmills For Homes

The other method to get windmills for homes is to
build them yourself. This isn't as difficult as it may sound because a lot of the parts are already pre-made and ready to assemble, you just have to know where and how to get your hands on them.

People all over the states are making their own homemade windmills for under $200 a peice.

Considering the easy option can cost you over $10,000 per unit, you really should check it out seriously before committing to anything. The last thing you'd want is to go ahead and pay the ten grand and the next week your neighbor has built his own unit for $150. You'd look like a chump and you'd never live it down!

The parts required to make your own windmills for homes are readily available from a variety of suppliers at
wholesale rates. Apart from that the only thing you'll want to get your hands on is some good solid instructions and schematics. There are numerous guides available.

The best ones are all available online. The downloadable guides offer the best value because they come with videos and support. They are also the cheapest because the costs are relatively low (generally only website maintenance and updates). You should never pay more than $50 for one of these guides. The best ones are recommended on this site, but bear in mind that this list changes constantly based on reviews, sales data and updates. However, you're generally pretty safe with any of the top 4 guides. All of these guides also provide detailed lists of places to get the parts for any windmills for homes that you plan to build. Continued below....

In Conclusion

Price aside, it must be said that getting any windmills for homes built for you is by far the quickest and most reliable option. At the end of the day it all
comes down to what your needs are and what you are prepared to do. A lot of people just pay because it's easier and they feel that it's a safer option. However they overlook the fact that they can actually source the parts and still get someone else to build it for them but not through one of the pricey solar franchises.

If all you're worried about is the construction and installation you can easily outsource this task to any local electrician for their usual hourly rate. All you need to do is get the guide with the instructions and source all of the necessary parts. Doing it this way it'll still only cost you a few hundred bucks at most, definitely under a grand in total.

Many local installers are used to doing windmills for homes and if you want the assurance of a professional installer than this is probably one option to look at seriously.

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